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Big or small, we clean it all. This is junk removal & property preservation at its best.

At Modern Rubbish LLC, we value every customer. That's why our dumpster rentals and junk removal services are coupled with exceptional property preservation services. From the moment you contact us for a quotation, you will notice that we are different and aim to serve in your best interest.

Dumpster Rentals.


Junk Removal.

When it comes to the debris and junk, we can help remove anything from a single item to truck loads. Whether it's furniture removal, construction debris, or an old appliance, we remove and haul it all. ​​


We are perfectly suited for cleaning out your space. Whether the cleaning is about moving in or out of your apartment or condominium, we can remove every junk. Our professionals understand your requirements and come up with a thorough plan to ensure that you receive services that exceed your expectations. We emphasize friendly customer service every time, and our eco-friendly mission keeps us focused on recycling junk wherever possible.

For Every Household.

Each household is unique and has specific waste collection needs. For this reason, we take an individualized approach to your requirements and help you manage the junk in your yard or any other area, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Our junk cleanup, property preservation & management services include, but are not limited to,

  • Attic and Yard Cleaning

  • Removal of Tree Debris

  • Renovation Debris

  • Moving In

  • Moving Out

  • Foreclosures

  • Eviction/Hoarder Clean Out

  • Attic Clean Out

  • Post-Construction Debris Clean Out

  • Foreclosure Clean Out

  • Estate Clean Out

  • Store Clean Out

  • Appliance Removals

  • TV & Electronics Recycling

  • Yard Waste Removal

  • Scrap, Metal & Tires Removal

  • Storm Clean-up

  • Furniture Removal

  • Basement Clean Out

  • Garage Clean Out

  • Hot Tub Removal

  • Refrigerator Removal and Disposal

  • Carpet Removal

  • Mattress Removal

  • Shed Clean Out


All businesses generate junk. Even if your organization doesn't manufacture anything, just being in business for a long period of time usually results in the accumulation of a lot of junk. Whether it is that old office furniture you no longer need or simply large amounts of files and debris, it all has to be disposed of somehow. Also, manufacturing, office, factories, and warehousing facilities continually redesign their interior and exterior to add curb appeal to their premises and boost their employees' productivity.

However, discarding obsolete and unwanted items and materials and updating communication systems comes at a cost – and to keep things tidy, you might want to dispose of the office junk before it causes any harm. Whatever your situation, we are there for you on your first call to assist you in removing junk from your premises. For us, the size and type of debris don't matter, and we accommodate every business, whether big or small.

Property Service and Property Preservation.

Our property preservation services secure the property, remove any debris, and provide the necessary expedition to conduct regular and seasonally required maintenance. As with all our property service and junk removal offerings, we maintain the highest professional levels to ensure compliance and seamlessly minimize safety risks. Modern Rubbish's property preservation and demolition services at the right price combined with hauling services ensure that you as a property owner can get rid of that junk and debris quickly.

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