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Dumpster Rental Pricing.


Junk Removal Pricing.

The service is best to remove debris or the usual junk found in and around your home or office. These items can include old furniture, appliances, yard waste, renovation materials, and other unwanted materials that are is not possible for your local garbage company to dispose of. Our junk removal pricing depends on the location and the type of junk. There is no straightforward cost for removing the junk, and for a precise estimate, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

  1. Schedule your no obligation appointment for an accurate Quote.

  2. For an estimate(Ballpark figure) send pictures and content of unwanted items and location and we will send an estimate in minutes.

​Here at Modern Rubbish Junk Removal we not only base our prices on how much space your items take up on our truck , but the types of items you are discarding.

We feel it is not fair to you to pay the same price to discard cardboard as it was furniture because it takes up the same room in the truck. 

​​Truck load price yard Estimate accurate

What Included: Loading Havling

Recycling Fuel expense Standard labor cost

Vehicle expense


Only call for Quote​​

1/8  Full

1/4  Full

​​1/3  Full

  1/2  Full

2/3  Full​​

3/4  Full ​​​​

7/8  Full

 Full Load

Minimum Charge $85.00​​









Our 15 yard dumpster containers are perfect for that residential project.

If you are working on a residential project like a kitchen or bathroom remodel the 15 yard dumpster is the perfect size. Also they are great for cleanout , dirt , Shingles or concrete.

Dimensions on a 15 yard measures 16 feet long * 7.5 feet wide * 4.5 feet high. This container can hold about 70-90 13 Gallon trash bags. This is a medium size and fits comfortably in most driveways.

  1. A Two Day Rental is 260.00 with 2 ton of dens included in the price. Anything over 2 tons they will be an added cost.

  2. 7Day Rental: $300.00

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