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Motivated by our commitments, guided by our values. Recycle, repurpose, sustain & donate!


Our leadership focuses on providing the maximum value to our customers while minimizing, if not eliminating, the environmental impact caused by the junk and debris. The proud, caring, and resilient members of Modern Rubbish LLC are the foundation of our success and growth. We are committed to caring for everyone and aims to positively impact society by encouraging recycling and donating items when possible.

  • We are committed to success with integrity.

Our success is not just about the results we get but also how we get them. We are committed to being responsible, honest, trustworthy, ethical, and compliant in everything we do.

  • We value our customers.

We put our customers at the center of what we do and strive to delight them every day.

  • We value inclusion and diversity.

We cultivate respect, trust, open communication, and the diversity of ideas and people.

  • We value our environment.

We are responsible for the environment and champions of sustainability.

  • We value security.

We have zero-tolerance for unsafe actions and make safety a core value of our operations.

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