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Modern Rubbish LLC is a dependable junk removal and dumpster rental service provider. We are a local company and knows how important is it to offer services that exceed customer expectations. If you are concerned with a cleanup project, let us ease up your stress. We are based in North Carolina and serve numerous counties.

We come to work everyday excited to provide our customers with the best experience and services.

Our Chief Operations Manager Willi’s Perez has 18 years of experience in the commercial facilities maintenance Industry. Excellent communications skills, mechanically inclined and Health and safety specialist is what you get when Willi’s

Perez comes to your door.


We take pride in being a green company making sure all junk is collected and disposed of in the best possible manner without damaging the environment. At Modern Rubbish LLC, we value customer relationships and strive to provide unmatched services. We make the regular business of junk removal exceptional and create spaces that are free from unwanted materials and waste. Whether it's a pile of household junk, an unwanted cupboard, or a sofa, we will remove it for you.

Serving you and the environment!

Modern Rubbish LLC is a fully insured and green company committed to protecting the environment by recycling waste and junk disposing of. We value time and are always ahead of schedule. Our professionals strive to ensure you are delighted with the service you receive and also accommodate client requests that involve working during weekends and holidays.

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